Data Center Seismic Considerations


This article about earthquake detection reminded me that Mt. Saint Helens has been in the news recently due to earthquake swarms.  The theory is this is related to the build up of magma in the mountains dome.

I vividly remember how disruptive it was in May of 1980 when Mt. Saint Helens erupted.  We were living in Spokane Washington at the time and for a week if felt like we were living on the surface of the moon due to the volcanic dust that covered everything.

Then on February 28, 2001 there was the Nisqually earthquake.  That quake was no where near as bad as many others but it had a serious impact on data centers in the Puget Sound region.

Thinking about volcanos and earthquakes reminded me how important it is to carefully consider seismic issues with designing data center spaces.  I make it a rule to discuss this issue in depth with my clients and whenever possible include ISO-Base as a component in my designs.